Our Members

It is my honor and privilege to lead Hyderabad Society of North Texas (HSNT) as president.

The Hyderabad Society of North Texas is a not for profit organization serving the community actively for twelve years.

The purpose is to help the local Hyderabadis get together to have fun, know each other and keep our culture alive.

At HSNT, It is very important for our children to have awareness of our Hyderabadi roots, traditions, and rich culture and a sense of pride in it.

HSNT hosts two main events each year. A picnic during spring season and Hyderabadi Night in October or November each year with numerous forms of entertainment of Qawwali and Musical group, perform local and internationally known Artists

All our events are sold out & support Hyderabadi’s & non Hyderabadi’s alike.
It is a great honor and privilege to be the president of this prestigious origination along with our outstanding HSNT board members & dedicated volunteers of Hyderabadi group.

Thank you,
Mohammed Abdul Hameed


Mr. Mohammed Hameed – President
Mr. Zeeshan Farooqui – Vice President
Mrs. Rahat Arifuddin – Treasurer


Mr. Mir Hadi Ali
Dr. Aasia Ali
Dr. Abdul Rahiman
Dr. Anjum Rahiman
Mr. Mohamed Abdur Rahman
Mrs. Munawar Rahman
Mr. Mohammed Arifuddin
Mr. Mohammed Shawkat
Mr. Azeem Abdul Quadeer
Mr. Sattar Khan
Mr. Imran Khan
Mr. Mohammed Mansoor Ahmed
Mrs. Raazia Munawar

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